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In compliance with Law 34/2002, 11 July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we inform you that:

Art. 10 LSSI:  is an Internet domain owned by CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A., with tax address at Carretera de prejano, 46-48,  26580 ARNEDO (province of LA RIOJA) and tax identification number A26054213The company is registered in the Registrar of Companies of La Rioja, volume 188, book 136, section 3, document 107, page 1879, 1st entry.

For the purposes of this document, the contact telephone number is  941 382 712 and the contact email is

This Legal Notice regulates the use of said domain.

The use of this website implies the acceptance by the user of the terms and conditions included in this Notice as well as our policies on data protection and privacy, and the use of cookies. In the event that certain services contained and/or tools offered through this portal require the application of particular conditions, these will be made available to the user.

Furthermore, CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. advises that both the contents and services of this website and its terms and conditions may be modified without prior notification.

  1. Terms and Conditions.

The user undertakes to provide truthful, accurate and complete information about their identity in the sections in which it is necessary to register in order to access such data. In addition, they undertake to keep the personal data that could be provided to the owner of the domain up-to-date. Therefore, they are solely responsibles for any falsehoods or inaccuracies.

Minors must obtain the permission of their parents, guardians or legal representatives in order to access the services provided. CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. is not responsible if data on this subject are inaccurate or false.

The portal may only be used for legal purposes. Therefore, the user is obliged to make a lawful and honest use of the portal. In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the services of the portal may NOT be used to carry out activities contrary to the Spanish legislation, morality and public order. The user assumes all liability for any damages incurred to the owner of the domain or third parties deriving from illegal or prohibited practices including, but not limited to:

  • Manipulating or altering this page without prior consent by the owner of the domain. Therefore, the owner of the domain shall not be liable for any damages arising from such manipulation or alteration by third parties.
  • Performing any act that may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the portal and its services, and/or prevent its normal use by users.
  • Introducing and/or using computer programmes, data, defective files, viruses, malware, computer or telecommunications equipment or any other, regardless of its nature, that may damage the portal, or any of the services or assets (physical or logical) belonging to the domain owner’s information systems.
  • Violating the rights of third parties to privacy, the owner’s image, the protection of secret data in communications, as well as intellectual and industrial property.
  • Hiding and falsifying the origin of email messages.
  • Using false identities, supplanting the identity of others in the use of the portal or in the use of any service.
  • Reproducing, distributing, modifying or copying the content of this page, unless the authorisation of the domain owner or legal authorisation.
  • Transmitting user names and passwords to unauthorised third parties.

CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. is not responsible for the links to other Internet sites of third parties and their existence does not imply that CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. approves or accepts their contents and services. These websites are not controlled by CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. nor covered by this Privacy Policy. If you access other websites using the links provided, the operators of these websites may collect your personal information. Make sure you comply with the privacy policy of these third websites before providing any personal information.

In general, the owner of the domain may not be held liable for damages of any nature derived from the use of the website, as well as for any damages and losses derived from the infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights by users, and/or the lack of veracity, accuracy, and timeliness of the contents, nor can they be held liable for the interruption of services, improper operation or inability to access the service.

The domain owner will not be liable for any damages caused by the presence of viruses or any other malware that may cause alterations to the user’s computer system.

The website, including, but not limited to its programming, designs, logos, text and/or graphics are the property of the provider or, where appropriate, has a license or express authorisation by the authors.

Regardless of the purpose for which they were intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and marketing requires the prior written authorisation by the owner of the domain.

The user undertakes not to perform any act against the intellectual or industrial property rights of the author.

The provider expressly authorises third parties to redirect directly to the specific contents of the website, and must in any case redirect to the provider’s main website.

  1. Use of Cookies

CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. as the owner of this website declares that it uses automatic procedures to collect information in order to keep a register of users visiting its website. Click here to access our cookies policy.

  1. Data Protection

Please, look up our policy on personal data protection in the following section.

  1. Applicable Legislation

These Terms and Conditions will be governed at all times by the Spanish law.


CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. uses automatic collection procedures (cookies) to gather personal information such as the type of browser or operating system, reference page, route, ISP domain (Internet Provider), etc. in order to improve the services provided. Cookies help us adapt this website to your personal needs.

A cookie is a small file stored on the user’s computer which allows us to recognise them. The set of cookies helps us improve the quality of our website, thus allowing us to personalise each user’s navigation on our website to some extent. Cookies are essential for the operation of the Internet, providing countless advantages in the provision of interactive services, facilitating the navigation and usability of our website.

Keep in mind that cookies cannot damage your computer and, when they are activated, they help us identify and resolve errors, and improve the navigability of our site.


Typology of Cookies:

For more information about the type and use of cookies, we inform you that:

  • From the point of view of the“lifetime" of the cookie (the time that the cookie remains active on our computer) we can differentiate between:
    • Session cookies : temporary cookies that remain in your browser’s cookie file until you leave the website, so none is registered on the user’s hard drive. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the web. In the long run, this allows us to provide a better experience to improve content and facilitate its use.
    • Permanent cookies: these are stored on the hard drive and our website reads them every time you make a new visit. A permanent cookie has a spetax identification numberic expiry date. The cookie will stop working after that date. We use them generally to facilitate purchase and registration services.
  • From the point of view of the use of each cookie, we can differentiate between:
    • Required cookies: strictly necessary cookies, such as those that serve for proper navigation or those permitting the payment of goods or services requested by the user, or those to ensure that the content of the website is loaded effectively.

Within the category of Required Cookies, you can also find cookies for the following purposes:

  • Those that only allow communication between the user’s equipment and the network.
  • Those that only provide services expressly requested by the user.

In these two cases, the user’s information and consent are not required to install the aforementioned cookies. The EU Working Group of Experts interpreted in Article 29 of its Opinion 4/20123 that the group of excepted cookies includes those with the purpose of:

  • “User input" cookies.
  • User authentication or identification cookies (session only).
  • User security cookies.
  • Multimedia player session cookies.
  • Session cookies to balance the load.
  • User interface customisation cookies.
  • Plug-in cookies to exchange social content.

Any other required cookies not included in the above assumptions will require the user to be informed and give their consent.

  1. Functional cookies: these cookies help the user to have a better site browsing experience. An example of the use of this type of cookies are those to store the navigation data of a certain language.
  2. Analytical cookies: these are cookies that allow us to analyse the website use so that we can measure and improve the operation.
  3. Advertising and third party cookies: these cookies are used by social networks or by external content supplements such as Google Maps, as well as cookies from advertising companies to publish ads relevant to their interests.

CALZADOS PITILLOS S.A. saves all the information collected through cookies in a non-personalised format (IP address). The type of information obtained through cookies will not be disclosed outside of CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A., nor used for unsolicited communications.


Adequate Privacy – Cookie Management

If the user prefers, the registration of cookies may be subject to acceptance during the installation or updating of the browser used. The user may at any time revoke their acceptance through the content and privacy configuration options available in each browser. However, if the user does not allow cookies to be installed on their browser, they may not be able to access some of the sections on our website.

For more information on the appropriate configuration of cookies and the options for activation, restriction and/or disabling, go to the help section of your browser to learn more:

  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Google Chrome
  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Firefox
  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Internet Explorer
  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Safari
  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Blackberry
  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in WindowsPhone

Many browsers allow you to activate a private mode through which cookies are always deleted after your visit. Depending on each browser, this private mode may have different names. Below you will find a list of the most common browsers and the different names of this private mode:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above; InPrivate
  • Safari 2 and above; Private Browsing
  • Opera 10.5 and above; Private Browsing
  • FireFox 3.5 and above; Private Browsing
  • Google Chrome 10 and above; Incognito


List and Description of Cookies

The tables published collect the cookies described above and used on the website of CALZADOS PITILLOS a schematic way.

Name of cookies Cookies domain Expires Cookie use
_utma 2 years Analytical cookies (Google Analytics): stores the number of visits of each user, the time of the first visit, the previous visit and the current visit
_utmb Sesion Analytical cookies (Google Analytics): they are used to check approximately how long you stay on a site
_utmc Sesion Analytical cookies (Google Analytics): used to check approximately how long you stay on a site
_utmz 6 months Analytical cookies (Google Analytics): sites from which a visitor comes (search engine, search keyword, link)


The objective of the creation and maintenance of our social media pages is to facilitate the exchange of information, in all cases complying with the rules of respect for all users.

Social networks are open instruments and by their very nature it is illogical to restrict the flow of comments, post, images etc. Therefore, we must clarify as a main premise that the content provided by users is their sole responsibility. We cannot be responsible for the opinions that users publish, as well as for the veracity and accuracy of the content they upload.

Likewise, we emphasise that social networks are the property of each provider and therefore, we use them like any other user. We will establish the confidentiality profiles and rules of use as best possible, but always from a user point of view.

Below is a series of guidelines that will undoubtedly help us all to make the best use of these tools and enjoy them:

  1. Social networks are public and therefore, the user must assume that the content they publish may be viewed by other users with the restrictions as determined in their privacy profiles, as well as those that the tool itself has incorporated.
  2. All opinions, comments and news that the user publishes should contribute to the general principle of information exchange. Under no circumstances can controversy or disqualification be permitted. If any of these situations occurs, we reserve the right to remove the entry from our profile. Likewise, we will eliminate any type of information that we consider illegal or that may cause damage to us or other users.
  3. This profile may not be used for commercial activities, professional promotions or advertising in general.
  4. If the user publishes their own material, whether photographs, texts, etc., they must remain aware that, by the mere fact of uploading the material to our profile, we are being authorised to make use of said material. We remind you that, given the characteristics of social networks, in addition to us, any other user could access this material. For our part, we promise to quote the author of the material in any possible subsequent uses that we may give to their material.
  5. Logos, corporate information and content in general published by us are our property and therefore, we reserve all intellectual and industrial property rights. The user must respect these principles.



  1. Who is responsible for processing your data?

El responsable de los tratamientos de datos referentes a los distintos procesos con respecto la gestión de nuestros usuarios, clientes o proveedores es   CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. , con domicilio social en  carretera de prejano, 46-48, 26580 ARNEDO   (provincia de LA RIOJA) y CIF  A26054213 .

A efectos de nuestra política de protección de datos el teléfono de contacto es 941382712 y el correo electrónico de contacto es

  1. What kind of data do we have about you and how did we get it?

The categories of personal data that CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. deals with its customers and suppliers are:

  • Identification data
  • Postal or electronic addresses
  • Commercial information
  • Economic and transaction data
  • Add more categories of data where appropriate

In no case we treat specially protected data.

All the aforementioned data were obtained either directly from you by sending a contact form or submitting a commercial offer, contractual proposal, etc., or from your company which provided us with identification data and other information necessary to carry out the purpose of the contractual relationship between the parties. You or your company are obliged to provide us with updated data in case of modification.

  1. For what purpose do we treat your data?

At CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A., we process the data provided by interested parties in order to manage different activities deriving from specific procedures performed in terms of sales, after-sales service, supplier management, quality of services, etc. We use your data to carry out some of the following actions:

  1. Sending information requested using the contact form on our website or any other means of contact with our company,
  2. Providing offers of products and services of interest to potential and current customers,
  3. Carrying out the administrative, fiscal and accounting management procedures for our customers and/or suppliers,
  4. Carrying out satisfaction surveys, market studies, etc. in order to offer you the most appropriate offers and optimised service quality, etc.

We will not draw up commercial profiles based on the information provided and consequently, we will not make automated decisions about you based on a commercial profile.

  1. How long will we keep your data?

Personal data related to natural persons linked to potential or current customers, and suppliers compiled by CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A.  from different contact forms and/or information collection will be kept as long as deletion is not spetax identification numberically requested by the interested party. The data provided by our customers and suppliers will be kept as long as the commercial relationship between the parties is maintained, at all events respecting the minimum legal conservation periods according to the subject.

CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. will keep your personal data over the period of time that is reasonably necessary, taking into account our requirement to respond to questions that may arise or to the need to solve problems, make improvements, activate new services and meet the requirements required by applicable legislation. This means that we can keep your personal data for a reasonable period of time even after you have stopped using our products or have stopped using this website. After this period, your personal data will be deleted from all the systems of CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A.

  1. Who is responsible for processing your data?

According to the type of data processing, the legitimacy basis for this processing is summarised:

Accounting management: billing management with customers and/or suppliers. Maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship between the parties
Fiscal management: application of withholding taxes, discounts, etc. Maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship between the parties; Compliance with legal obligations
Administrative management:  logistics management, warehouse, customer deliveries, receipt of goods, etc. Maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship between the parties
Marketing: commercial actions regarding our products or services aimed at our customers or people who have requested related information from us in the past. This includes conducting customer satisfaction surveys. Free and unequivocal consent of the interested party (potential customers), we clarify that the revocation of this consent cannot in any case condition the execution of the contract between the parties; Legitimate interest of the company in the promotion and marketing of products or services similar to those obtained or requested by people interested in the past.

As for the legitimacy base referenced, you are obliged to provide your personal data. In the event that you do not provide such personal data, your contract cannot be executed, nor legal obligations or those derived from public powers complied with.

  1. To which recipients will your data be communicated?

CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. will never share your personal data with any third party company that intends to use them in its direct marketing actions, except if you have expressly authorised us to do so.

We inform you that we can provide your personal data to public administration agencies and competent authorities in those cases that CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. receives a legal requirement from said authorities, or in cases that acting in good faith we consider that such action is reasonably necessary to comply with a judicial process, to answer any legal claim, or to protect the rights of CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. or its customers and the general public.

All our companies are located in Spain.

CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. may provide your personal data to third parties (eg ISPs helping us to administer our website or carry out contracted services, computer support and maintenance companies, logistics companies, fiscal agencies and accounting advice, etc.). At all events, these third parties must maintain the same levels of security as CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. in relation to your personal data and, when necessary, will be bound by legal commitments in order to keep your personal data private and secure. They will only use the information if specifically instructed to do so by CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A.

  1. What are your rights as an affected or interested party?

Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation about whether CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. is processing personal data that concerns them or not.

Specifically, interested parties can request the the right of access to personal data, and to receive them in a common format for mechanised reading if the processing is carried out by electronic means (right of portability).

Likewise, interested parties may request the right to rectify d inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.

Additionally, interested parties may request the limitation of the processing of their data in certain circumstances, as well as they may exercise their  right to object to the processing of their data for reasons related to their particular situation. CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons, or in the exercise or defense of possible claims, or in those exceptions established in the applicable regulations.

Likewise, we inform you that you have the right to withdraw the consent you granted at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing based on consent prior to your withdrawal.

In the same way, users are informed that they may exercise the aforementioned rights at any time by writing to us using the contact information given in the first section, ‘Responsible for processing’ of this data protection and privacy policy of CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. attaching a copy of your ID.  You will also have the right to file a claim before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, especially if you have not obtained satisfaction in the exercise of your rights.

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos [Spanish Agency for Data Protection]

C/ Jorge Juan, 6

28001 – Madrid

Telf. 901100099 / 912663517

  1. Data protection for website users.

In accordance with the current Regulation (EU) 2016/679, CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. informs that the personal data of its website users will be processed for the processing indicated in each data collection form on our website on the part of CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. This processing of your data will be protected by the consent given.  By pressing the “SEND" button, the user consents to the processing of their data by CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A.

Likewise, we inform users that except legal obligation or express consent on your part, CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. will not transfer their data to third parties. (In case of reassignment, inform what data and to whom it will be transferred).

Furthermore, the user is informed that they may exercise at any time their rights to access, rectify or delete data as well as to any other rights recognised in this document and under Regulation (EU) 2016/679, thereby notifying CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A., CTRA. PRÉJANO, 30 26580 ARNEDO (province of LA RIOJA), email:

On the other hand, in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, 11 July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. undertakes not to send advertising through email without the previous and express authorisation of the recipient. The user may express their refusal to receive advertising by checking the corresponding box.

  1. Other information of interest about our privacy policy

9.1              Security measures

CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. adopts the security levels required by the European and Spanish regulations in force on data protection, taking into account the current state of techniques, application costs and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing described, as well as the variable risks of probability and severity affecting people’s rights and freedoms.

9.2              Data processing of minors

According to the GDPR EU 679/2016 and Royal Decree 1720/2007, children under 14 years of age can give their consent to the contract of information society services, such as signing up for a forum, completing a contact form, etc. However, it will be the responsibility of CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. to check the age indicated by the minor.

For the data processing of children under 14, said data collection must always be carried out with the express consent of the parents or legal guardians.

9.3             Modifications of our data protection and privacy policy

Occasionally, CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. may make modifications and corrections in this section of data protection policy for users, customers and suppliers. Please, check this section regularly to see the changes that may have existed and how they can affect you.

9.4      Why is it necessary to accept our data protection and privacy policy?

This section of data protection policy for users, customers and suppliers provides you with all the necessary information in an easily accessible way to be aware of the type of data that CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A. maintains about its potential and current customers and/or suppliers, the purposes pursued, your rights as recognised by data protection regulations and how to exercise them. Therefore, by deliberately sending your personal data through our means of contact and/or with the beginning of the commercial relationship with our company, we consider that you recognise and accept the processing of your personal data as described in this policy . This personal information will only be used for the purposes for which you have provided, or as enabled by certain national or regional regulations.

In any case, we must warn you that a refusal on your part to provide us with certain requested data could impede the development of the contractual relationship between the parties and have possible serious consequences when providing the various benefits contemplated within the commercial contract concluded.

If you have any questions regarding this section of data protection policy for potential customers, customers and suppliers of CALZADOS PITILLOS, S.A.    , contact the company using the address provided in the first section ‘Responsible for processing’ and we will be happy to assist you and answer any additional questions you may have.

  1. Applicable legislation

These Terms and Conditions will be governed at all times by the provisions of Spanish and EU legislation regarding the protection of personal data and privacy.

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